F&P Conseils encompasses the consulting and corporate advisory activities of the senior associates of Frôté & Partner SA (law firm), F&P Services SA (accounting, taxes and administrative services) and Schoeb Frôté SA (wealth management and advisory).

F&P Conseils offers specialized advisory services for corporations and their senior management

Our experts have the same level of expertise and experience as corporate directors can provide.


The partners and employees of our company rolled out a corporate consulting business backed by decades of experience in corporate consulting, particularly as board members or chairmen, CEOs, CFOs or as corporate transformation specialists both at the regional and international levels, not only in Europe but especially in North America and Asia.


F&P Conseils SA was created to offer consulting and advisory services to company owners and their executives.

Understanding our clients’ full needs and the challenges they face as well as having in-depth knowledge of the region and industry where our clients operate are just a few of the strengths we leverage when managing projects entrusted to us.

  • Consulting services
  • Financial analysis and assessments
  • Transformation project management (especially Swiss or international development)
  • Consulting services
  • Investment project assessments and analyses
  • Acquisition, transformation or investment project management
  • Investment monitoring
  • Active director terms of office
  • Structural organization
  • Audit and Risk Committees
  • Risk and internal control system analysis
  • Strategic plans, management control, dashboards
  • Swiss and international Corporate Housekeeping program implementation and monitoring
  • Consulting
  • 360º business analysis (statutory audits excluded)
  • Investors/buyer due diligence
  • Analyses and financial plan preparation, financial reorganization
  • Generational transition support
  • Restructuring
  • Transformations
  • International expansions
  • Subsidiary formation/closure
  • Reorganization/restructuringn projects
  • Debt-restructuring moratorium
  • Liquidations



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